July Pet of the Month – Teagan

I would love for you all to meet my bouncy friend Teagan. She is so special for many reasons. First, she has the special gift of making you feel loved. Every time I see her, she is so happy and it makes me and everyone around her feel so good. Second, she is so much fun. She is so silly and even seeing her pictures that her mom and dad sent me made me smile because I can just picture her acting crazy and posing (and puckering up) for her glamor shots. Third, Teagan is full of life and spirit. Although Teagan struggles with a heart condition that was present at birth, she shows us to treat every day as a gift and to live in the moment. It is for these and many more reasons that Teagan is so special. Her family is so lucky to have such a beautiful girl whose purpose in life, I think, is to make others happy and feel blessed.

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