December Pet of the Month!

December Pets of the Month – Ted, Diesel & Bandit

These handsome boys (clockwise from the bottom: Ted, Diesel and Bandit) would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season and wanted to share with you their letters to Santa…

Dear Santa,

I hope you remember me… I’m Ted- the little curly guy. I just wanted to remind you that I moved. I’m living with a new family and they are awesome! Not sure if you had something to do with that? I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have been a really good guy this year. I still bug the big dogs once in a while, but I’ve been trying to be good. I have been taking my medications about 85% of the time. I do spit them out and make a scene once in a while but I’m working on that too. All I want for Christmas this year is more time with my family, good health, nice haircuts (I did like the teddy bear cut) and maybe some chicken. Regards, Ted

We hope you are planning a trip to Sherwood Park this year and we wanted to let you know how good we have been. We have been going to school and are learning lots of new things. We know that we need to work on showing our teacher how well we are doing and not just showing mom at home. Maybe that will be our New Year’s Resolution! Also, we have also been working on our friendships and relationships. As we are maturing, we are learning to remove all the unhealthy friendships from our lives. Sorry Mr. Porcupine, we won’t be trying to be friends with you anymore! This year Santa, all we want for Christmas is to spend lots of time with our family and maybe just a few minutes alone with the goldfish in the heated pond. Thank you and travel safely! Brothers Bandit & Diesel




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