Dr. Marcia Waye

As a child growing up Dr. Marcia Waye always knew her future career would involve working with animals. Dr. Waye grew up with pets and often volunteered to walk many of the neighbourhood dogs. Volunteering evolved into a position at a local veterinary practice at age 11, where she continued to work until she reached her dream of becoming a veterinarian.In 2005, Dr. Waye graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and began her “real-life” veterinary training. Practicing for many years in a traditional clinic setting, Dr. Waye became frustrated with the inflexibility within this setting. Always feeling rushed in appointments to explain complex medical conditions and not having enough time to interact (via belly rubs or cookies) with pets to ease their anxiety, prompted Dr. Waye to start Wellness Home Vet. As a housecall veterinarian, Dr.Waye is able to offer the level of care that she can be proud of.

Dr. Kelsey Clarke

Dr. Kelsey Clarke is also a graduate from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and has a special interest in hospice care and care for our beloved senior pets. She always enjoys seeing her patients and becoming a part of your family.

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