Comprehensive Exams

We provide thorough head to tail exams for all acute and chronic conditions that will allow a complete assessment of your pets overall health and well being.


During these visits, the doctor will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, lungs and heart to look for any signs of infection or disease along with conducting a dental exam.

Puppy & Kitten Exams

This is an exciting time for you! We will provide a thorough exam of your pet and discuss potential health issues that you may have as your pet ages. We will discuss diet, deworming, microchipping, spaying or neutering and will address any other issues you may have. We will also spend time discussing behaviour and training and offer resources to help get you and your new family member off to a great start.

Senior Exams

We measure the health of our senior patients by the quality of their life. We provide health exams and diagnostic testing to screen for disease or to monitor any chronic health issues. We make recommendations and discuss issues that are common in seniors such as limited mobility, cognitive decline/senility, obesity, lumps or bumps, organ disfunction and dental disease. We will work together to develop a plan to enhance your pets overall well being.

Diagnostic Testing

We can do blood testing, urine testing, skin and ear cytologies, fecal samples and skin biopsies. We can also test lumps and bumps for cancer. For more complex diagnostics or tests that require a hospital setting, we work with local clinics to provide this care.


We can develop a protocol based on individual needs to provide vaccines or vaccine titers. What are titers? Vaccine titers are an alternative to ongoing vaccines where we check a blood sample for levels of antibodies to a virus. If an adequate antibody level is found in the blood, it is believed that there is protection from that virus and a vaccine is not required.

Nutrition Counselling

We will make diet recommendations based on your pets age, body condition, activity level and chronic medical conditions. We will give you honest advice about all the different food options from commercial to balanced whole food (home cooked) diets.

Surgical Procedures

We are able to do some in-home surgical procedures with sedation and a local anesthetic, including laceration repairs, abscess treatment, small lump removals and biopsies.  For surgical procedures requiring a general anesthetic, we work with local hospitals to provide this service.

Home Euthanasia

We provide a compassionate and caring way to say goodbye to your loved ones in the comfort and privacy of home. We will take care of all aftercare arrangements.


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