We cannot say enough about the professional , convenient, kind and compassionate care that we recently experienced from Dr. Waye through Wellness Home Vet.

When Tess, our Great Pyrenees X was diagnosed with bone cancer, we were faced with the reality that she would have to be euthanized within weeks of the diagnosis. Tess was horribly afraid of vet visits and was already experiencing mobility issues due to her illness.  We could not imagine putting her through the trauma of one last trip to the vet. Our regular vet was unable to make house calls so we searched the internet,  hoping to find an alternative.

From the moment I spoke with Dr. Waye on the phone I knew this was the right decision.  She understood how emotionally difficult this was for us, and took the time to explain the procedure, helped us understand Tess’ illness and gave us some practical guidelines to help us determine the right time.  We never felt rushed, or judged – only supported as we struggled with this most difficult situation.

When the day came, we were able to say good-bye to our dear Tess in the comfort of our acreage yard in a relaxed, calm and comfortable way. Dr. Waye was amazing with Tess , and with us.  Her gentle and caring manner made the worst of days as good as it could be.  We will be always grateful for that.

Although cost was irrelevant at the time, we did expect that we would be paying a premium for the convenience of a home visit.  We were surprised to discover that the price for the procedure was competitive, and in fact was less expensive than our vet.

Despite the incredibly sad circumstance, dealing with Dr. Waye was a positive experience in so many ways . We would not hesitate to recommend her to others,  and certainly will use Wellness Home Vet  for all our vet needs when we do eventually get another dog.

– Laura and Eric (Edmonton)  


Dr. Marcia Waye has been caring for my family for about 8 years now.  I brought my Lhasa and my Sherpard/lab cross to see her for shots one year and we were hooked!  I am so thankful to have found her in time to care for my girls into their senior years and through to the end of their lives.   She treated our babies with patience and kindness, referring to them as my “young” old family as they progressed into their senior years.   Dr. Waye has always patiently answered all my questions and never let me leave without feeling completely comfortable about what was happening.  From a straightforward yearly check-up through to a diagnosis of oral melanoma in our beloved family member she always gave us the best care possible, making sure we understood ALL the options we had available to us.

When I found out Dr. Waye had left the clinic to practice on her own I had to track her down.  There was no way I was going to start taking my 16-year old girl to anyone else.  By the end of her life my poor Lhasa, Sky, had had enough of doctors’ offices and procedures.  How wonderful that Dr. Waye could come see her in the comforts of her own home.  She never even knew she was being checked over – she just thought it was petting and treats time.  And at the end of her life she was able to be at home with her family around her, in her own room, comfortable and relaxed.

As is the circle of life, we now have two young and energetic two-year olds who love crawling all over Dr. Waye and getting treats when she comes to “visit”. As I am sometimes a bit neurotic about my new babies, it is always great to have a voice of reason to steer me in the right direction.   If Dr. Waye suggests a certain test or procedure, I am always confident it is the right path to take.  She is always completely thorough and looks for the obvious before suggesting expensive testing or procedures be done. I appreciate that!

I also appreciate the call she made to me at 10 one Friday night.  Blood test results had come in and she didn’t want me to worry any longer than necessary.

I have recommended Dr. Waye to many people and will continue to do so.   Our whole family adores her and we don’t think there is anyone more caring, compassionate or capable to look after our “kids”.

Thanks Dr. Waye!

– The Dobler-Feehan family


I met Dr. Clarke in 2009.  Our vet had recently retired and Dr. Clarke was hired as her replacement was hired as her replacement.  Over the years Dr. Clarke has cared for our 2 dogs.  This past May, we thought Ozzie had a stroke.  We waited for Dr. Clarke to come and assess him.  Turns out it wasn’t a stroke but vestibular disease.  Dr. Clarke was at our home 2 days in a row, about 3 hours each day.  She took the time needed to treat Ozzie ad was very patient with him.  She was in no rush to leave.  I can’t say enough about Dr. Clarke.  She is kind, caring and absolutely wonderful with her patients.  You couldn’t ask for a better person than Dr. Clarke to have as your vet.  I trust her totally with the care of our Ozzie and would highly recommend her and Wellness Home Vet to anyone looking for a veterinarian.  

-Jane Eamer 


Our border collie, Hunter, had been a member of our family for more than 16 years when we had to make an excruciating and heart wrenching decision. Even though she still brought us great joy and comfort, her physical limitations were becoming more challenging and painful for her by the day.

From previous experiences we knew that taking her to the vet would cause her great anxiety and emotional discomfort. We didn’t want her last moments to be anxious and in fear.

When we found Wellness Home Vet we were relieved to know we had another option, home visit. Once we made the decision and placed the call we found them very caring, professional and accommodating.

When Dr. Waye and her assistant entered our home our own anxieties vanished as we saw how easily they both developed a rapport with our Hunter and us as well. It was like old family friends had come for a visit, with treats to share.

Even though it was hard to say goodbye, our Hunter passed peacefully and painlessly, surrounded by her family and new friends.

Thank you so much in making this difficult time easier and if we had known of your home vet services earlier we definitely would have become part of your “vet family”.

– The Wood Family


Wellness Home Vet helped me during a very worrisome time.  My old cat fell very ill just a few days before I was headed to the USA.  I had never contacted Wellness Home Vet before and Marcia responded within two  hours on a Saturday, amazing.  Normally my cat hates the vet but Marcia has a very calming manner as well as lots of treats to put her at ease.  She ran a bunch of tests, gave a very thorough physical exam and left us with some medicine.  The very next day Marcia emailed to see how my girl was doing, we kept in contact through email everyday after that. Two days later I got on my flight knowing that my cat was in very capable hands. She needed some different medicine so Marcia met with my husband at his place of work to drop off the medicine, once again amazing!  Sadly after a week my cat was unresponsive to the treatment so we had to make a very hard decision.  Once again Wellness Home Vet came.  She made a very calming, and caring atmosphere.  My cat was very comfortable in her last hours and went peacefully.  A few months down the road we decided to get another cat!  Happily, I contacted Marcia and now our new cat has a friend who comes once a year to feed him lots of treats with a little poking and prodding in between.

Wellness Home Vet is truly amazing I highly recommend them whether your pet likes going to the vet or not.

 Carla (Edmonton)


 We just wanted to thank Dr. Clarke for her kindness and compassion this past Tuesday in helping our dear lab, Roxy, over the Rainbow Bridge.  Our hearts are saddened by her loss but going through  it that day in the comfort of our home knowing Roxy was so relaxed, made it so much easier.  You provide a much needed service and we are so glad it is available.  Thank you again,

– The Gullliver Family


We have a 19 year old Tabby (named Goof) that generally has been in good health but we were concerned for her because of her age and she was loosing weight. On the advice of a friend we called Dr. Marcia.   She took the time to get to know Goof and what she was all about before making any recommendations on how best to help her.

We are very happy with how Dr. Marcia approached our aging pet’s needs and how passionate and caring she is.  We have, and will continue, to highly recommend her to others. Looking forward to 2 weeks camping in Radium with Goof.

Thank you Dr. Marcia  

– Mark and Gail


We have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Waye as our vet for almost two years. It can be quite difficult to find a vet who is well versed in rabbits, but we hit the jackpot when we found Dr. Waye. Her knowledge about bunnies is second to none and she is always careful to ensure that the correct medications and procedures are used when caring for our little Dexter. We’ve been unfortunate enough to have Dexter end up in the beginning stages of GI stasis (a potentially fatal condition in bunnies) and Dr. Waye’s knowledge and quick action have helped to pull him through both times.

Dr. Waye is not only professional and extremely knowledgeable, but she also cares a great deal for her patients. She routinely goes out of her way to ensure that our rabbit is happy and healthy in addition to making sure that our minds are put at ease regarding any issues Dexter might be experiencing. Being able to have Dr. Waye come right to our house is an added bonus. Travelling to a clinic can be stressful enough for our rabbit, who doesn’t like the car or strange places, but being able to have his checkups done at home as made things a little easier for everyone.

We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Waye to anyone looking for a great vet with a great deal of knowledge and dedication to her patients and their families.

– Nicole & Jonathan Lueke & Dexter


 There is not enough I can say about Wellness Home Vet.  Dr. Marcia is absolutely amazing!  The love and care we and our furry creatures have received was outstanding.  She has been there through the loss of two of our cats, Ezra and Butters.  She always takes the time to explain everything and the animals always love her.  I highly recommend Wellness Home Vet.  This has definitely made the process much easier for us, especially that we can be in the comfort of our own home.  Thank you for being so compassionate.  

Kristen and Steve (Edmonton)


Possibly the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met.  Dr. Hayley was an angel sent to me to help me get through the the most difficult task imaginable, letting my Princess go.  I cannot thank them enough for their kind words, time spent with me and compassion. Thank you for everything you do.  Having the ability to do it in my home was a gift I will forever be grateful for.  You go above and beyond for your clients and that’s why I will always refer you to loving people.  My heart hurts less because of you all.  Thank you a million times.  

Melanie (Google Reviews)


Dr. Marcia has been our vet for more than ten years; starting with when she saved our dog’s life. We had been told by other vets that there was no way to know what was causing her symptoms and that there was no point in running diagnostics to look for a tumor as cancer in dogs wasn’t treatable. Dr. Marcia quickly recognized the symptoms and had our dog referred to the University of Saskatchewan for diagnostics (it was cancer) and treatment. Our dog passed from old age more than seven years after the ‘terminal diagnosis” she had been given from other vets, thanks to Dr. Marcia’s knowledge and intervention.

Dr. Marcia keeps current with veterinary research and all the new diagnostics, drugs and treatments out there.    Besides being knowledgeable, her bedside manner is unparalleled. I’d always considered it a fact of life that dogs are scared of the vet. But our dog loves his visits with Dr. Marcia: it’s a fun game with tummy rubs and cookies. Nothing about it is stressful. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give: There is no difference in his response to the questions “Do you want to go to the vet?” and “Do you want to go for a walk?”

– Lesley Caragannis


Dear Marcia,

Just want you to know how fortunate we are to have you as our vet.  You have so much compassion and kindness when treating our pets.  Having  a dog with epilepsy is very concerning to us. You are always there when we need you.  You always call back to check up on him and make sure he is doing ok which is greatly appreciated.  The home visits have made such a difference.  Our dogs are calm and relaxed and are always excited to see you…even though you do bribe them with yummy treats..lol!!!

I know we couldn’t ask for any better care and are so happy to have you not only as our vet but as a friend as well.

 Cheryl….(Gus and Harley)


There are no words or greater gift for our family then to have met you in our time of mourning, we will never be able to repay you for your patience, kindness and compassion you showed our family during the most difficult decision we have ever had to make by having our beloved fur baby Jade who was almost 16 and in heart failure. I called Dr. Waye on Tuesday at noon and told her our situation and what was going on with our little guy, even though she was completely booked for that day and was very busy at the time of the call she gave me time to get my composure while talking with her, never rushed me once.  She accommodated our situation and offered to come later then she normally would because we have older daughters that needed to say good-bye to our boy.  We also have two younger children ages 9 and 6 and Dr. Waye patiently answered all their questions. I no longer could be selfish and had to let my baby go in peace.  During the process she explained everything before she was going to do it and always asked if we had questions, and with 7 of us there, there were a lot of questions.  She never interrupted our good-byes even though she was ready for the first step, she must have sat there for 20 minutes while each one of us said good bye more than once.  Never asked if we were ready, just waiting for me to look at her and give her the ok, during the first step we all surrounded him and each one of us gave him hundreds of kisses and whispered in his ear, and I could see how empathetic to what we were all going through, she is a wonderful woman. During the second step she let me spoon my little man and all I did was kiss him and talk to him and I knew when he was gone, and it was the devastating for us but also a sense of relieve that Jade was no longer suffering.  Once he was gone Dr. Waye once again proved to be amazing and never interrupted us, never rushed us, and never made us feel like we needed to hurry.  I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t of stopped my daughter (9) Dr. Waye would have been there most of the night. Dr. Waye is a very special woman, who cares not only for the pets but for the people who are losing them.  She made our devastating time an good experience and I would use her again in a heartbeat!  So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for making this very difficult time easier.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

–Love the Gargas Family (Tammy, Brian, Briann, Nikole, Kadie, Lukas and our little Belle)


We brought our dog, KC, to Marcia for the first time when she was 10 or 11 years old. I immediately realized that Marcia was different from other vets we had gone to in the past, in that she truly cared about KC’s well-being, and that I could trust that she would make decisions based only on what was best for our girl. She put KC on a pill for incontinence -a much better alternative to surgery – which our prior vet had insisted was the only option for treatment. The incontinence and associated infections cleared up immediately, and we no longer had to deal with diapers and regular accidents. This, combined with the pain management that Marica provided for KC’s arthritis allowed her to continue to chase her ball, go for walks to the park, make it up and down the stairs in our home, and truly enjoy the last years of her life.

I can’t thank Marcia enough for all she did for us when it was time to say goodbye to our girl. The decision was not easy – we didn’t want KC to suffer any longer and after contacting Marcia (on her last day of work before Christmas vacation, nonetheless), she made the time for us and was at our home in less than two hours. It was our first time dealing with such a situation and I didn’t know what to expect. I always assumed that vets were very clinical about these matters, having to deal with them so often. But not Marcia. She was genuinely upset and cried with us the entire time. She explained everything that she was going to do and didn’t rush us. Nothing happened until we were ready. When it was over, she left us alone with KC to say our goodbyes. I am forever grateful that for KC, her last moments were spent in our bedroom, on her own bed, with her family and friend Marcia with her, and not in a clinic where she likely would have been scared, confused, and uncomfortable. Shortly afterwards we received a touching sympathy card in the mail, with an imprint of KC’s paw. Marcia, thank you for being there for KC and for supporting us during this time – your kindness and understanding will never be forgotten.

We now have a kitten, Molly, who is visited by Marcia at our home. The home visits are wonderful, much less stressful for everyone, and Marcia always spends lots of time playing with her to make the visit fun (and she always comes with treats!). Marcia always spends as much time as we need to understand what is going on and what our options are – even corresponding by phone and emails after the fact if we still have questions. She truly cares about animals and maintaining a high quality of life for them. She is a wonderful veterinarian and I would only entrust the care of my pets to her.

– Laurie


I have not met too many people like Marcia Waye, and unfortunately, I met her very briefly on of the saddest moments of my life to date.  My husband and I met Marcia when she came to our home after a very hard couple of days watching a member of our family, Nyles, deteriorate in health.  When we woke up that morning, after a long night of seizures, we knew it was time and so my husband made the call.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  She could come to us early that evening.  We got to spend a wonderful day with Nyles and spoil him the best we could.  As the day went on we knew it was only going to get harder.  Marcia called to get an update and to check how we were all doing and to let us know when she would be here.  When she showed up, I was a mess, but she came in and brought a calmness with her.  I soon found myself smiling.  At no point did she rush us or try to move us along.  She spent some time with Nyles as well as our other dog.  When it was time, we moved out to the back yard.  She explained everything that was going to happen and had the patience I needed at the time.  The compassion she showed me and my husband was completely honest I don’t even know how to explain it.  I have never had to do this before and she answered all of my questions and when I started to panic, she was able to calm me and provide me with the support I needed.  Thank you Marcia.  I can’t thank you enough for what you were able to bring to a very sad moment in our family.  The emotion you showed was honest and heartfelt and I thank you for that

– Susan Parker


We recently called Dr. Marcia Waye of Wellness Home Vet, to euthanize our 17 year old Lhasa, Ginger.  She was available when we needed her, she was prompt, and the cost was reasonable,…all criteria that make for good business.  More importantly for me, my family and most importantly our dog, she was so kind and understanding, explaining everything to us as she went.  She allowed us to essentially do what felt right for us, never rushing and shedding tears right along with us.  Marcia coming to our home saved us and Ginger the stress of having to go into a clinic and having us try to hold it together in a public situation.  I would very highly recommend anyone who is faced with this difficult, emotional decision to call Marcia.

– Brenda and family


Dr. Hayley looked after our lovely but high energy female tabby.  After trying to get my little tabby into a carrier and then dealing with the resultant wounds, I decided to try Dr. Hayley and I was impressed.  She handled my little demon <– ( we love her) with impressive expertise.  For Little Miss at least, Dr. Hayley is our go to Vet. 

-Bill L (Google Reviews)


What do you say about a vet who has always been there for us and is just wonderful?  We have been using Dr. Marcia as our vet for several years and she has seen us through many trying circumstances with our 3 shelties.  She is always able to help us to feel confident and put our mind at ease that our dogs are getting the best possible care.  All of us, including our dogs,  love Dr. Marcia.   Thanks Dr. Marcia for everything you do!

-The Wills Family


 Yesterday  we said goodbye to our beloved Shih Tzu, Jazmyn.  We cannot express our gratitude enough to Dr. Marcia Waye for the compassion, support and understanding.  She walked us through every step of the way, explaining what would happen and what to expect.  She took the time to listen to us and talk about our loved fur baby.  We never felt rushed for one minute.  It was very comforting to know that we said our goodbyes in the comfort of our own home and where Jazmyn felt safe and so loved. Thank you Dr. Waye!

–   Abe and Maxine (Edmonton)


What can I say about Marcia?  She is an amazing doctor.  But she is so much more to Rod and I.  Marcia is gentle, empathetic, diligent and conscientious.  Marcia has been our veterinarian in helping care for Eddie and Vern our feline fur babies. It is so cool to see Marcia, sit on the floor and patiently examine our kitties.  There is no veterinary care like this.  Never rushing and providing such a calm environment for my cats.  This week we lost our precious Vern and we are heartbroken.  So was Marcia, crying with me, fully understanding the hurt Rod and I felt.  Marcia has been so compassionate over the care she gave to Vern and was encouraging through some rough times with his health.  Rod and I are grateful for her care of both Vern and his sister Eddie.  Although Vern is no longer with us Eddie will be cared for by Marcia.  Thank you Marcia.  You are amazing and we feel very fortunate to have come to know you. I tell anyone I know with precious pets – call Marcia as she and her staff are truly amazing.

Thank you Marcia – Rod and Karen Krohman


 Recently, we had to say goodbye to our family friend of 15+ years.  From the first phone call to the final goodbye, Dr Marcia and Kelsey (sorry if I spelled those wrong) were absolutely amazing.  Compassionate, knowledgeable, helpful- they made a very difficult time as easy to navigate as possible.  

Dr. Marcia was wonderful to speak with on the phone to book the appointment and very kindly explained the whole process and all of our options.  

Dr. Kelsey came to our home and was kind, professional, and respectful answering questions from all of us.  She was so patient and allowed us all the time we needed to say goodbye. 

I am extremely grateful to have found them and couldn’t have asked for anything more with a difficult time. 

Serena (Google Reviews)


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